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“After having worked with the best guitarists of my time, starting with Niño Ricardo, and including the brilliant Paco de Lucía, I can attest to the enormous talent of Alejandro Hurtado, and I have no doubt he will occupy a privileged place in the world of flamenco guitar.”

Antonio Fernández Díaz, “Fosforito"

    Despite being so young, his exceptional technique, his clean performance, as well as his great expressivity and high musical quality allow him to convey to the audience the most intense sensations and emotions every minute he is on stage. When you combine this with his great creative mind, as shown by his musical compositions, we can safely say that Alejandro Hurtado, more than a promising young guitarist, is one of the most outstanding flamenco guitar players of our time. 

The fascination that he achieves in all his performances is not a fluke, but the fruit of an exceptional talent and rigorous work for many years. Since the moment he started to play the guitar, at the age of 9, he showed a special talent that surprises everybody because of the speed of his technical and musical evolution. 

Alejandro intends to give maximum prominence to the flamenco concert guitar, avoiding the easy resource of including many other elements on the stage. That is why his performances show a sobriety not very frequent in flamenco guitar concerts in our days. In a way, he tries to join the tradition of the old guitar masters, such as Montoya, Niño Ricardo or Sabicas, vindicating the role of the Flamenco Guitar as a solo instrument. 

He began to study classical guitar with Marco Uceda; afterwards, he was accepted at the Conservatorio Profesional de Música y Danza “Vicente Lillo Cánovas”, in his hometown San Vicente del Raspeig, (Alicante), where he continued his classical guitar studies with Raúl Juan Ruiz. At the same time, he studied flamenco guitar with Pedro Alarcón, and modern harmony with Roberto Sabater. He continued with David Cerreduela, and then with the legendary guitarist Arturo Cerreduela “El Nani”, who taught him the secrets of “caño roto” guitar.

After finishing his studies at the Conservatorio Profesional, he was accepted in 2013 at the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Cordoba, to study flamenco guitar with Paco Serrano and Manolo Franco, among other teachers. He also received classical guitar lessons from Pablo Barón. In 2017 he finished with unanimous Honors and Extraordinary End of Studies prize. In 2021 he achieved the Flamenco Master’s Degree at the ESMUC (Barcelona), also with Honors. 

While studying at the Conservatorio, he has taken lessons from distinguished guitarists such as Manolo Sanlúcar, José Antonio Rodríguez, El Viejín, Juan Manuel Cañizares, Rafael Riqueni, Jerónimo Maya, Manolo Franco, José Luis Montón... He has won more than a dozen awards, the first one at the early age of 12, the last one by now being the most important award in the flamenco Concert Guitar category: The "Bordón Minero" (Festival del Cante de las Minas), obtained in 2017, after several years in which the prize was declared void.

Still as a student, he has delivered numerous public performances, as a soloist and, also, as an accompanist guitarist with many flamenco singers. Besides, he has been a guitarist in some flamenco performances, such as “Locos de Amor”, tribute to Pepe Pinto and Pastora Pavón “Niña de los Peines”; “Nazareno y Olivares”, Tribute to Fosforito, “Latidos”, “Volátil” and “De Castilla a Jerez”. He has been a guitarist and a composer in the Compañía de Danza Flamenco-Española “José Soriano”.

But his real professional career stars after getting the "Bordón Minero". As an accompanist guitarist he has been playing from 2017 to 2021 with Mayte Martín, one of the most acclaimed flamenco singers. 

However, where his quality as a guitarist can be clearly appreciated is in his solo recitals. Undoubtedly, his classical training has provided his style with a clean performance unusual among flamenco guitarists. But this does not make him lose the purity of his flamenco sound, appreciated in the most traditional flamenco scenes, such as Centro Flamenco Fosforito (Córdoba) or Peña la Platería (Granada).

He has performed all over Spain, as well as in France, Belgium, Holland or Italy, in such important events as Cordoba Guitar Festival, Granada Guitar Festival, Rotterdam Conservatorium, or Noche Blanca del Flamenco (Córdoba). As a soloist with an orchestra, it is necessary to highlight his his brilliant interpretations of the Aranjuez concerto in the Teatro Real ans Autidorio Nacional de España, Madrid, as well as Gran Teaatro of Córdoba


19. SAN VICENTE DEL RASPEIG (ALICANTE).Concierto de Aranjuez

14. ALICANTE. Lecture at the university


27. ALCALÁ DE HENARES. Guitar concert


2. CÓRDOBA.Concierto de Aranjuez

1. CÓRDOBA.Concierto de Aranjuez


25. MADRID Guitar concert

16. MÉRIDA, With Miguel Poveda

30. CÓRDOBA Concierto de Aranjuez


14. SEGOVIA. With Miguel Poveda

JULY 2022

28. PUY L´EVEQUE, FRANCIA. Festival "Les temps des guitares". Guitar concert

22. TRIGUEROS (HUELVA). With Raquel Kurpershoek

7. SEVILLA. Presentation of the album "MAESTROS DEL ARTE CLÁSICO FLAMENCO. "Los Jueves flamencos de Cajasol"

2. AMERSFOORT. HOLANDA. Días latinos. With Raquel Kurpershoek

1. BREDA. HOLANDA. Cultkitchen. With Raquel Kurpershoek

JUNE 2022

29. ROTTERDAM. HOLANDA. Batavierhuis. With Raquel Kurpershoek

6. HOLLAND. Festival music meeting. With Raquel Kurpershoek

1. MADRID. AUDITORIO NACIONAL. Concierto de Aranjuez

MAY 2022

21. CEHEGIN (MURCIA). Guitar concert. "Noches del museo"

20. CÓRDOBA. Guitar concert

13. MURCIA. Guitar concert

4. MADRID. TEARO REAL. Concierto de Aranjuez

MARCH 2022

4. AMSTERDAM. World Wide Jazz in West. With Raquel Kurpershoek

6. ROTTERDAM. Heerenhuis. With Raquel Kurpershoek


28. CÓRDOBA. Guitar concert


10. MADRID. Guitar concert

12. GRANADA. alCANTARaMANUEL with Mayte Martín

25. MOTRIL (GRANADA) "Memento", with Mayte Martín

29. CÓRDOBA. Concierto de Aranjuez. With "Orquesta de Córdoba"

30. SEVILLA "Memento", with Mayte Martín


6. MARBELLA "Memento", with Mayte Martín

7. JEREZ DE LA FRONTERA. "Deja vu", with Mayte Martín

28. PRIEGO DE CÓRDOBA "Memento", with Mayte Martín

JULY 2021

8. SANT ADRIÁ DEL VALLÉS "Memento", with Mayte Martín

9. CALELLA DE LA COSTA (BARCELONA) "Memento", with Mayte Martín

25. GRANADA. Guitar concert. Festival de Granada

JUNE 2021

1. MADRID. Guitar concert

8. VALENCIA. With Mayte Martín and Patricia Guerrero

12. VALLADOLID "Memento", with Mayte Martín

MAY 2021

13. MADRID. Guitar concert. Círculo flamenco

30. CÓRDOBA. Guitar concert. Centro flamenco Fosforito

APRIL 2021

12. CÓRDOBA. Guitar concert. Cátedra Flamencología

16. CASTELLÓN. "Deja vu", with Mayte Martín

24. MÁLAGA. with Mayte Martín and Patricia Guerrero



8. Amberes (Bélgium), with Mayte Martín


17. NIMES (FRANCE) "Memento", with with Mayte Martín

25. SEVILLA "Memento", with Mayte Martín


9. LLEIDA. "Memento", with Mayte Martín

22. CÓRDOBA "Memento", with Mayte Martín


12. SEVILLA, "Memento", with Mayte Martín

27. "Memento", with Mayte Martín


24. LINARES, with Mayte Martín

30. MANILVA (MÁLAGA), "Memento", with Mayte Martín

31. MONTILLA (CÓRDOBA), "Memento", with Mayte Martín

JULY 2019

27. Paterna de la Rivera (Cádiz) "Flamenco clásico," with Mayte Martín

JUNE 2019

23. Madrid. "Flamenco clásico" with Mayte Martín + Lorca

15. Alahurín de la Torre (Málaga) "Flamenco clásico," with Mayte Martín

MAY 2019

 18. Manresa. "Tempo rubato", with Mayte Martín

17. Montcada, Barcelona "Tempo rubato", with Mayte Martín

16. Lleida. "Tempo rubato", with Mayte Martín

10. Madrid, Auditorio Nacional. "Flamenco clásico" with Mayte Martín

9. Mallorca. "Al cantar a Manuel", with Mayte Martín

5, Badalona. "Memento"

APRIL 2019

8. Granada. "Flamenco clásico", with Mayte Martín

7. Málaga. "Flamenco clásico", with Mayte Martín

MARCH 2019

30. Barcelona. "Al cantar a Manuel", with Mayte Martín

23. Barcelona. "Al cantar a Manuel", con Mayte Martín 2. Bañoles. "Memento"


8 Adra (Almería). "Flamenco clásico", with Mayte Martín


11. Roma. "Deja vu", with Mayte Martín and Belén Maya