Alejandro show us in this recital (which includes his first album with his own compositions) his way of understanding the flamenco concert guitar. A guitar that he presents us naked, wrapped by the minimum necessary percussion in the rhythmic themes, but without more complements. For him the guitar is so important that he does not want to add any element that could distract from the attentive listening of its wonderful sounds.

We will listen to pieces composed throughout the last years: from that Soleá composed when Alejandro was barely 20 years old, to the Zapateado, composed and recorded in only three weeks when the recording of the rest of the songs had already begun, or those Taranta and Seguiríya that earned him the Bordón Minero.

His great knowledge and respect for the masters of the flamenco guitar is also reflected in the compositions he offers us. Any flamenco lover will be able to recognize the mentions that appear in his compositions, as sonorous tributes to the great guitarists who, directly or indirectly, have forged his way of playing and understanding music. This is especially evident in this magnificent Bulería, a kind of melting pot, in which each falseta evokes one of the guitar masters he admires so much.
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