Deep looks that seem to see beyond the visible, looks that seem to connect more than the eyes to the soul, looks that are meeting points, connections between two great artists, that meet, interact, and mutually enhance each other.

Those are the looks we see on stage, when we see these two great artists: Alejandro Hurtado, guitarist, and Inmaculada Salomón, dancer. Both have amply demonstrated their unparalleled quality, each on their own side. But in this meeting on stage, more than adding, they multiply, they enhance, creating that magic that makes the audience, who looks at those glances while listening to the music and appreciates the subtle movements of the dance, is transported during the time the show lasts to that inexplicable dimension, to that world of sensations and evocations that make these moments in a unique, personal and unrepeatable experience.

The show, premiered at the Teatro Real in Madrid with a resounding success, offers a careful and varied selection of pieces for guitar. We can listen to works from the pre-flamenco period, such as Julián Arcas' Solea, which links the classical guitar tradition with the incipient flamenco of the late 19th century, masterfully choreographed and danced by Inmaculada Salomón, to pieces that reflect the most current way of composing flamenco, such as Hurtado's own compositions. And along with these, we will be able to listen to other pieces by the great masters of flamenco guitar, as well as classical music, such as Manuel de Falla or Francisco Tárrega.

It is precisely this duality, this unusual deep knowledge of the world of flamenco guitar and classical guitar that Alejandro possesses, which marks the difference with other flamenco proposals that we can find today. Because that duality, that knowledge of the classical and flamenco worlds, is also possessed by Inmaculada Salomón, prima ballerina of the Spanish National Ballet. Therefore, bringing these two artists together on stage has generated a show in which the classical and flamenco worlds, both in music and dance, are enhanced, creating a unique and incomparable universe of images and sounds.

A constant in Alejandro Hurtado's professional career is the intention of giving the guitar the maximum prominence. Avoiding the frequent and easy resource of filling the stage with instruments, he always wants to present the guitar with an absolute prominence, so he only reinforces it in some pieces with the subtle percussion of David Dominguez. Only his exceptional talent, technique and emotion when interpreting allow his guitar to not need more support or reinforcements to make us enjoy the music.


Inmaculada Salomón

Principal dancer of the Ballet Nacional de España, where she has been a member since 2006. She combines her work with other projects and collaborations outside the company. Training in theater and mindfulness. Dance for Parkinson's Instructor for the Dance for PD program. She stars in the show "Electra" of the National Ballet of Spain in various emblematic settings such as the 64th International Festival of Classical Theater of Merida, the Teatro Real and the Teatro de la Zarzuela among others. She performs at Mercedes Fashion Week as a model and dancer for the designer Juan Duyos. Guest artist in the show Zincalí in the Corral de la Morería. Guest artist for different advertisements of the community of Madrid. Artistic director and choreographer of the show "Enma" commissioned by the city council of Ripollet.


David Domínguez

David Domínguez A self-taught percussionist, his musical restlessness and curiosity to discover new languages have made his life a continuous search for sonorities and experimentation with different instruments. Based on his solid sense of rhythm and metric precision, his interpretations bring a high degree of creativity and color. His repertoire covers different styles, from jazz to classical music, including Mediterranean music, traditional music and flamenco, among others. This has led him to participate in shows of numerous performers, including Carles Benavent, Joan Albert Amargós, HR Big Band of Frankfurt, Jazz Orchestra of Helsinki, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Duquende or Mayte Martín.
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